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When Dayton communications powerhouse Penny/Ohlmann/Neiman decided to rebrand as The Ohlmann Group, they came to Oregon Printing for help. And they came with big ideas for their new look.


One of those ideas was to use soft-touch varnish on both sides of their business cards. Soft touch coating gives printed materials a matte, suede-like texture.

Soft-touch varnish, a precise spot color, two-sided printing with full bleeds made the job trickier than usual, but nothing we couldn’t handle. Along with business cards, the firm wanted letterhead, envelopes, notecards, and postcards to match for a consistent look.


We moved forward with 100# McCoy silk cover and a #1 stock with a rich, silky feel for The Ohlmann Group’s business cards. When it came time to print, we saved the business cards for last, so that the other materials could set a baseline color for the chosen orange shade.

To get the soft-touch feel on both sides of the cards, we printed one side, let it dry, lay on the soft-touch varnish, let that dry…then repeat the whole process on the other side of the cards. This process is called dry trapping. If you’re looking to create a greater contrast or enhance the properties of a varnish, dry trapping is a printing technique to help achieve this. Finally, we finished the business card off with a die cut to make sure rounded corners looked consistent and clean.

If you ask us, this was time well spent—the identity package looks top-notch. The Ohlmann Group agrees.


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