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Since 1943, the Tipp City Foundation has been serving Tipp City, Monroe Township and Bethel Township. In that time, the foundation has awarded over $2 million dollars in grants to positively impact quality of life in the communities it benefits.

In honor of their 75th operating year, the foundation needed to take their annual fundraising drive to the next level. They provided Oregon with a rough-draft of a letter and a seal they wanted to utilize to promote the milestone anniversary. We took it from there.


The Oregon team leveraged the mission of the Tipp City Foundation and their website to generate a strong theme for the fundraising campaign; “Give. Receive. Say Thanks.”

Our talented copywriter then re-worked the letter draft, centering it on the new theme and increasing its appeal. Our creative team enhanced the message of the letter by designing it to include a personalized, tear-off coupon. To ensure the printed piece stood out in the recipient’s mail, the design team went the extra mile and created a stunning envelope featuring a soft picture of Tipp City and the campaign tagline, “Give. Receive. Say Thanks.”

The Tipp City Foundation needed more than design and printing for their project – they also needed help creating a targeted mailing list from the ground-up. Together, the Oregon team and the foundation team brainstormed to develop a mailing list of the most likely donors in the foundation’s area of service. The final list resulted from specific demographics, like home ownership, and specific behaviors, like past donations to charitable causes in the region.


Thanks to the personalized tear-off coupons on the mailer, the Oregon team will easily be able to help Tipp City track results and campaign ROI when returns start coming in during the last month of 2017. We are eagerly anticipating not only meeting, but exceeding, the fundraising goal set by the Tipp City Foundation.


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