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The Charles McMicken Society at the University of Cincinnati honors the university’s most extraordinary philanthropic supporters. To maintain membership, alumni must donate $1,000 or more per year. Many donors have given upwards of $5 million over their lifetimes.

To stay connected to and show appreciation for its elite donors, the university needed extra-special print collateral. They wanted to create a complete information packet that would encourage alumni to become McMicken society members or renew their membership. The packet needed to hold seven different inserts and needed to look high-end. Most importantly, it needed to be easy to mail.


Oregon inspired the University of Cincinnati to explore new options with regard to colors, paper, design, and print techniques. They wanted folders to have an embossment of the campus’ McMicken Tower, which we custom-created using a color photo of the building.

We helped Cincinnati choose an antique white pearlized Classic Linen paper for folders, and papers from the same family for business cards and letterhead. Combined with gold, red, and black ink, this made for a truly premium look.

The university also needed a way to prepare personalized packages for donors, including membership cards and parking passes valid for specific dates. We created the designs for these pieces, then added die cuts to folders so that university staff can insert personalized pieces at a moment’s notice.


Now, the McMicken Society has a complete donor relations package, including a new logo and identity, all pieces of which are consistent with the university’s brand standards.

It wasn’t just the University of Cincinnati who was impressed. We submitted the piece to Dayton’s American Advertising Federation (AAF) chapter and won a Hermes Award.

When collaboration, inspiration, and top-notch execution combine, great things can happen.


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