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YWCA Women of Influence

The mission of the YWCA is to empower women, eliminate racism and promote peace, justice, freedom and dignity for all. Since 1997, the YWCA of Dayton, Ohio has hosted the annual Women of Influence luncheon to recognize and honor women in Dayton who have upheld that mission through making a difference in their community. The luncheon not only celebrates these women but also serves as an important annual fundraiser for the YWCA.

For the past three years, the YWCA has trusted Oregon to design the invitations, programs and all other material needed to make the Women of Influence event special. The event has a theme each year that, with the guidance of local visionary and YWCA CEO Shannon Isom, the Oregon team interprets and brings to life through vivid graphic design.

The Project

For the 2019 YWCA Women of Influence event, the YWCA wanted something that really ‘popped’ and stood out in a pile of mail.

We tapped one of our favorite graphic design partners for assistance and were able to present six unique concepts to the YWCA team. YWCA selected this modern, elegant flower look for the invitation.


Once Oregon had a final design, the real fun began for our printing team. To bring the design to life, the YWCA requested a unique print technique. We brainstormed two ideas: either utilize a pearlescent paper or come up with some type of a treatment to make the flower element jump off the page. Pearlescent paper is a bit costly, and budget is always top-of-mind for fundraising events, so we challenged ourselves to go with the second option.

After great internal debate, the Oregon team opted to print a straight up 5×7 card instead of a folded card to save paper cost and to utilize a plain, inexpensive coated stock. With those savings, we were able to highlight the main design element, the flower, with a gloss “sparkle” varnish, and finish the rest of the piece with a matte varnish. The contrast between the gloss and matte is both visually and tactically pleasing.

The Women of Influence event continues to grow and prove itself as one of the YWCA’s most successful fundraisers. We are honored to be a part of the event each year and look forward to another fruitful campaign as the 2019 event kicks off!