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YWCA Women of Influence Event: Design & Materials


As one of the largest non-profit fundraisers in Dayton, the YWCA’s annual Women of Influence event requires the design, print and mail of more than 3,000 pieces – from invitations and raffle tickets to a 56-page program detailing all aspects of the luncheon.  Additionally, the event receives a tremendous amount of local and area press coverage, so the design of all pieces needs to match the magnitude of the event.


In 2017, Oregon partnered with the YWCA to create a stunning new Brandmark for the Women of Influence event. It served as the centerpiece of the 2018 luncheon and will be utilized yearly to give the event a consistent look.

Outside of design, the Oregon team has been able to tackle unique projects to support the luncheon like the development of nearly 20,000 raffle tickets with perforated stubs that included matching, unique, sequential numbers on both parts of each tickets. We’re process and data nerds, so testing and refining this process was particularly rewarding. We later solved the challenge of the USPS not permitting return raffle tickets and communication to the YWCA pre-sort non-profit, despite the YWCA’s status as an authorized non-profit organization. All in a day’s work!

The YWCA has now tapped Oregon for print and design work for three years running, so we must be doing something right! All kidding aside, the Women of Influence event continues to grow and prove itself as one of the YWCA’s most successful fundraisers. We are honored to be a part of the event each year.

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