In our screen-filled world, it’s harder than ever to keep customers’ attention. And with hundreds of business and brand messages reaching customers each day, businesses have to work hard to stand out. That’s why it’s so important to create consistent, compelling visual experiences that illustrate your brand.

Oregon can help your business:

  • Raise awareness. When it comes to print, the best way to make an impression—and get remembered—is to create brand experiences. Customized printing and special effects can help you create a truly unique look. You can also experiment with unusual inks, paper types, and print techniques—we can brainstorm with your team and show you how.
  • Create a cohesive, distinctive look across all of your collateral. Ensure your colors, logos, and fonts match from one piece to the next. You can do this with identity materials like business cards and letterhead that perfectly match your brand’s logo and color guidelines.
  • Generate new business. In addition to your routine sales and marketing activities, you can grow your customer base with targeted direct mail campaigns. These campaigns use demographic data and personalization to speak to prospects on an individual level—increasing your chances of success.

Ready to learn more?

Download our Direct Mail 101: A Step-by-Step Guide [E-Book].


Coordinate across multiple locations. Do you have employees in multiple offices? No problem. We can streamline the ordering process so your entire team receives their marketing collateral at the same time—so you don’t have to send out materials yourself. You can order reprints of your identity materials online, customize them with variable data, and have them shipped anywhere you need.


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