As a creative agency or an independent designer, we know you’re always looking for new sources of inspiration. And we deliver: we can show you the latest trends and techniques in print that will help you and your clients stand out.

We’ll guide you on setting up your files for advanced processes like using white ink, specialty varnishes, and new papers and substrates. We can also ensure perfect color matching and make rich blacks and highly saturated photos pop.

Here are a few more ways that Oregon can inspire you and help you engage your audience:

  • Offering customized solutions tailored for your needs. Don’t feel boxed in by the standard print solutions described on these pages. We encourage you to come to us with your wildest, most daring creative concepts. We enjoy pushing the envelope, too—and we’ll happily support you in pursuing your most “out-there” ideas.
  • Managing direct mail campaigns. Complex direct mail campaigns require careful planning, budgeting, and oversight. We can help you develop a timeline, formulate your offer, choose your list, print your mailers, set up intricate personalization fields, and get them in the mail in line with the latest postal regulations.
  • Sending a sample pack. You might be surprised by the variety of paper types and substrates printers can work with these days. And seeing a new type of paper might be just the inspiration you need to kick off a new project. We can send you a sample pack with just a few of the paper types we offer—all you have to do is ask.
  • Providing a press check. You have a keen eye for detail. So you want to be sure your prints fit your vision precisely. Want to be absolutely certain you’re getting what you need? We can give you a proof or press check so you can confirm that everything is just right.


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